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At WMS we offer a top quality logo service. We ensure to look after your business all the way through logo design all the way to the final product. We have state of the art logo pressing machinery teamed with highly skilled designers that will ensure that you get exactly what you need at the right price. Any garments we logo that don't meet our standards don't reach you. Our team are very particular with the logo service we provide and if we aren't happy with the logo and how it suits the particular garment you need, we can't expect you, our customer to be. Therefore our team promise the highest quality finished garments.

The logo services we offer you are:

- Heat Press

Our heat pressed logos are done in house using our top range machinery that will secure the 'SuperFlex' logos to your chosen garments at 150 degrees. Using 'SuperFlex' means gone are the days of cracking logos. This is quickly becoming the chosen method for all our current customers due to the sharpness and long lasting quality of Logo.

This service can also be used for baseball caps to really extend your uniform range and allow your business to stand out further.

- Embroidery

Another popular choice for our current customer base. Embroidery is very popular for our corporate clients who require logoed shirts and jackets in order to take your corporate identity into that meeting or board room. 

So to give your company that professional looking edge please send your logo or link to your companies website and all your details to info@wmsupplies.co.uk so our design team can start working on getting your logo onto our high quality workwear. 

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